Wikisoft’s Expected Valuation Rockets to $185 Million USD Ahead of IPO

Wikisoft Corp is launching the worlds largest wiki portal for businesses and investors have taken notice. Built on MediaWiki software, the new portal, called wikiprofile.com, will be the largest in the wiki universe with over 328 million published articles and profiles on companies, top brands, and corporate influencers. Deemed the “Wikipedia for business”, the company’s climbing valuation comes just before its expected listing on the U.S. OTC stock market in August.

WikiSoft Corp
Worlds largest wiki portal for businesses

Wikisofts raised valuation comes on the heels of strong demand from investors ahead of its public offering. With the increased demand in buying shares pre-IPO, financial experts predict the share price will rise by 350% by the end of 2018. The high expectations for Wikisoft is led by the new wiki portal, wikiprofile.com, which has already surpassed Wikipedia as the wiki with the largest collection of business articles available in the wiki universe (wikiprofile.com has 328M whereas Wikipedia has 4.5M).

Created to bridge the information gap for businesses that are either currently involved with international trade or are looking to expand to new global markets, wikiprofile.com will become an invaluable resource for businesses to access trustworthy information and facts about other businesses across the globe, which is needed in todays economy more than ever. Wikiprofile.com’s goal is to convey information about any company or organization that is looking to expand its presence across borders while simultaneously strengthening its brand credibility. Wikiprofile, like Wikipedia, will not contain any type of advertisements, but companies and business owners are allowed to have their profile verified and updated by professional wiki editors at an annual fee.

Due to its success and growth, wikiprofile.com expects to reach 425 million articles on companies, top brands, products and people by the end of 2018. Wikiprofile.com is now released in a beta version 1.0 with a full version expected to officially launch by the end of August 2018.

The company has started raising capital in a pre-IPO round where shares can be purchased with a substantial discount at $1.85 per share according to the first-come-first-served principle. Shares can be reserved now until June 28 at www.wikisoft.com.


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