Zillow adds Canadian listings to online marketplace

Zillow Group (NASDAQ: Z) announced last week that will enter into the Canadian real estate marketplace. The Company said it will be working with Calgary-based Redline Real Estate Canada and display its listings on Zillow’s mobile app and website, becoming the first Alberta-based brokerage to agree to send listings to Zillow.

Redline is now among the handful of Canadian brokerages who have signed on with Zillow to allow their listings to be put up on display on Zillow’s platforms, allowing exposure to millions of home shoppers.

Redline’s listings will soon join more than 50,000 Canadian listings that have begun to roll out last week.

“By sending listings to Zillow, Redline Real Estate Canada will be a leader in driving global exposure for their agents’ listings,” said Errol Samuelson, Zillow Group Chief Industry Development Officer. “It’s exciting to us that our Canadian partnerships will allow these brokerages to bring additional value to both agents and consumers.”

“Redline Real Estate Canada is committed to being on the cutting edge of real estate marketing and is excited to partner with Zillow, a company that finds itself at the confluence of information technology and real estate sales,” said Kelley Skar, Chief Operating Officer, Redline Real Estate Canada. “Zillow’s massive global exposure and proven business model will allow Redline agents to enhance their service and engagement with both home buyers and sellers, and we are thrilled at the opportunity to build on the value we offer to our agents and their clients.”

All Canadian listings on Zillow will display a description and photos of the property, and will feature the listing agent with contact information as well as a link to the brokerage or website.